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Why you should join the AF of Richmond

Whether you are a francophone, a francophile, a language student or a parent wanting to share your French heritage with your children, membership in the Alliance Française is for you. 

Alliance Française Members receive exclusive benefits year-round

Become a member of the Alliance Française de Richmond and take advantage of our social network and our activities, such as our monthly social events where francophones as well as francophiles meet and share some food; regular projections of French films; Meet up groups and more depending on the interest. 


We are volunteers based. Everyone is welcomed to help or organize an activity, which is a great way to meet people and speak French.


Memberships are for the calendar year. First time members joining after July 14th will receive a $10 discount on both memberships.

Annual membership fees:

- Individual Annual Membership $30

- Family Annual Membership $45

First time members joining after July 14th:

- Individual Annual Membership $20

- Family Annual Membership $35

Donations accepted, we are in the process of becoming a 501(c)3.  Currently donations are accepted by check or cash only.

To become a member, fill the form below and click "Join and Checkout" button.  You will be given the address information to pay by check after clicking on "Join and Checkout".

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