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Françoise MULLEN
July 1, 2022
Le Rochambeau Juillet 2022


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Le Rochambeau Juillet 2022

Dear Members,

Time to celebrate !  Bastille day for sure -and all the other countries celebrations. July 2022 is also the month when l'Alliance Française de Richmond inaugurates its new integrated platform.  And let me tell you, it is a little bit like having a new kitchen, everything works (we hope), we have a plethora of gadgets, but there is a learning curve, to say the least !

Go check our revamped website, and while there, take time to create your account and update your information. Upload a picture, if you like.  If you have children learning French, or you are a French speaking Young professional, make sure you mark the proper box, so to receive all the communication relating to the group activities. Membership is required for those two groups with first time visit available for free for non members.

All our activities are now posted on our website and we have a calendar syncs automatically !  Our newsletters are also on our website, so you always know where to find it. Take a look at our blog (texts) and our vlog (video resources).  If you would like to share some good recipes, lectures or concerts, let us know.

With this more sophisticated technology, memberships are now for a period of 12 months and you will receive an email when it is time to renew. You are also able to RSVP online and the list of participants populates by itself at our end, very 21st century !  We will be trying it for the first time with our Bastille day celebration at Brambly park, Thursday July 14 at 6PM.  We will be offering some beverages, some munchies and desserts, with food available for purchase as well. Hope the weather will be pleasant and you will bless us of your company !

As you know we are a volunteer-based organisation and we are looking for new board members and assistants.  I will hold an informational meeting at the end of the month for the curious and undecided members.  Let me know and we will chose a date that is convenient to all interested persons.  Your ideas and suggestions  about our organization will be discussed.

Check our Upcoming Events on the website and follow the directions to RSVP if you plan on coming.  If you know someone who is not receiving our emails, it is because they are not in our new database, either because they did not renew their membership, did not sign up for the newsletter on the new website, or a mistake occurred somewhere and they should let us know.

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